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Travel & Guide
Two Modes


Find a totally new world
not included in a map

  Travler Mode

The place that
actual local users

Experience unique travel adventures
with insider tips that you won't find
through typical internet searches



Friendly tour guides
are available
all around the world

Everywhere you go, meet a local travel guide

who create a journey together

that truly captures your heart


No worries even if
you're traveling alone!

Don't worry about traveling far alone!

Your travel mate will be available
for real-time chat to assist you

iPhone 14 Pro Max.png

Whatever you imagine,
that go beyond
the limits of imagination

In Mative, anything is possible

discover mates from all around the world who strive to bring joy to your travels

in astonishing ways

My mate and
travel plan
all at once


You can always check on

your travel companion

who will be joining you, so rest assured!

With a reliable mate by your side, it feels like

all the fears and worries

that arise during the journey

can be resolved, doesn't it?


Show your unique life
to the world

 Mate Mode 

We call this a Mate

A travel guide that

anyone can try without pressure

that's Mate!

Complete the journeys of travelers

who like you


Possible? Impossible?
I decide .


Set the services according to your preference!

Anything is fine, so comfortably transform

into a travel guide

Show off the places
I know
to travelers


You can freely specify the areas

where guides are available

using location pings!

​Time is truly precious

Manage your schedule easily and quickly

Mate is the freest travel guide in the world

create value on the days you desire!


​Payday . . !


You can easily receive gratifying profits by diligently assisting
and catering to travelers!
Once your account is registered, earnings will be

automatically deposited within a few days.

Payoneer Logo

A whole new
Social media 
that creates value


If you need a useful Social media

 that doesn't waste your life,

you've come to the right place

Discover your new value and practice humanity!

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