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Service Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") are intended to define the rights and obligations of the company and the customer,

as well as other relevant matters necessary for the use of "Mative" provided by Mative Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Mative"),

by customers who have entered into a service contract with the company.

Article 2 (Supplementary Rules)

For matters not specified in this Agreement, the provisions of the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information, the Telecommunications Business Act,

the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and other relevant laws and regulations,

as well as the detailed service usage guidelines set by the company, shall apply.

Chapter 2 Use of the Service

Article 3 (Eligibility)

① Any user who can install Mative is eligible to sign up for the service.

Article 4 (Service Registration)

① The effectiveness of service registration occurs when the customer agrees to the terms and conditions set by "Mative Administrator."

② "Mative Administrator" may reject the following customer registration applications:

  1. Cases where customer registration information is omitted or falsely provided.

  2. Cases where the application is made for the purpose of disrupting or impairing public order or morals.

  3. Cases where the requirements for service application set by the company are not met.

Article 5 (Withdrawal from the Service)

Customers who wish to withdraw from the service may apply for service termination through the designated procedure (account deletion in the profile menu)

specified by "Mative personnel."

Article 6 (Service Levels)

① The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as a general rule. However, the service may be temporarily suspended due to the company's

business or technical reasons. The service may also be temporarily suspended during the periods determined by the company for operational purposes.

In such cases, the company will provide prior or subsequent notice.

② Location information may have discrepancies due to advancements in related technologies.

Article 7 (Restriction and Suspension of Service Use)

The company may restrict, suspend, or terminate a customer's service use without prior notice if the customer falls under any of the following:

  1. Interference with others' service use or fraudulent use of others' personal information.

  2. Engaging in acts that violate laws, public order, or morals through the use of the service.

Article 8 (Modification and Suspension of Service)

① The company may restrict, change, or suspend all or part of the service to customers if any of the following apply:

  1. Unavoidable circumstances such as maintenance of service facilities.

  2. Power outage, equipment failure, or excessive usage causing disruptions in normal service use.

  3. Inability to maintain the service due to the company's overall circumstances such as termination of contract with service partner or legal obstacles.

  4. Other force majeure events, national emergencies, or other circumstances beyond the company's control.

② In the event of service interruption under paragraph 1, the company will provide public notice on the internet or notify the customers.

However, if the service is interrupted due to reasons beyond the company's control (intentional or non-negligent disk failure, system crash, etc.),

making prior notice impossible, the company will provide notice afterwards.

Chapter 5 Miscellaneous

The company's business name is as follows:

  1. Business Name: Mative Corporation

  2. Website:

Article 20 (Prohibition of Transfer)

The customer and the company shall not transfer, delegate, or dispose of their entire or partial position, rights, or obligations under this Agreement

to a third party or provide collateral for the purpose of disposal, without the consent of the other party.

Article 21 (Indemnification)

① If the customer violates the provisions of this Agreement due to intentional or negligent acts, resulting in damages to the company, the customer

who violated this Agreement shall compensate for all the damages incurred by the company.

② If the customer's illegal actions or violations of this Agreement, caused intentionally or negligently, result in the company receiving claims for damages or lawsuits

from third parties other than the customer, the customer shall compensate the company for the damages incurred.

Article 22 (Disclaimer)

① The company shall be exempted from liability for providing the service in case of force majeure events or other unavoidable circumstances

that prevent the provision of the service.

② The company shall not be held responsible for service disruptions caused by the customer's attributable reasons.

③ The company shall not be liable for the loss of expected profits or any other damages incurred due to the use of the service or reliance on information

obtained through the service.

④ The customer shall be solely responsible for making the final judgment regarding the services provided by the company and the information

obtained through the services, and the customer shall bear all responsibilities arising from it. The company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from it.

⑤ In the event that the company cannot initiate the service due to business or technical obstacles, the company shall notify the customers through

various methods such as posting on the internet homepage or sending an email notification. However, if prior notice is impossible due to reasons beyond the

company's control, the company will provide notice afterwards.

Sanctions for Abusive Users

Mative is actively working to block abusive users.

It explicitly states that there is zero tolerance for intentional posting of offensive content or abuse by certain malicious users.

The policy involves real-time monitoring by the administrative team to assess the appropriateness of posts,

and it emphasizes the provision of pre-warning notifications before taking punitive actions.

Commission Information

Mative may impose commissions (including related taxes) on Mates and Travelers as consideration for the use of the platform. Detailed information

regarding the calculation of commissions is as follows:

Mates Commission

The commission for Mates is determined between a maximum of 5% and a minimum of 2.5%. This commission can be reduced through Mate recommendation promotions

conducted by the company. (Detailed information will be provided through app notifications.)

Travelers Commission

The commission for Travelers is calculated at 7%, excluding overseas payment fees (approximately 3.7% on average).

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax may be imposed on the service fees in accordance with the laws designated by the jurisdictional tax authorities. In such cases, the provided amount

will include the Value Added Tax.

Tax Information

Mative voluntarily pays the taxes applicable to net income in accordance with the net income tax law. Therefore, all Mates providing services (considered as freelancers)

must voluntarily pay taxes according to the policies determined by the tax authorities of their respective countries.

Unless otherwise specified in the Mative platform, service fees are non-refundable.

Mative reserves the right to change the service fees at any time in accordance with applicable laws and will provide reasonable notice to members

before the change takes effect. However, the fee changes will not apply to members who joined before the effective date.

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